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Super Finn

Super Finn (Paperback)

By Agnew, Leonie

  • RRP: $19.50
  • ONLY $14.62
  • Save $4.88

Can Finn use his superpowers to help save his World Vision sponsored child? Sometimes, despite the best intentions, things don't always work out as planned. Join the hilarity as the boys' money-making scheme comes unravelled. Look out, world ... here comes Super Finn!

ISBN 9781869439996
Published 21 February 2011 by Scholastic
Interest Age 4-12 years
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Just Jack

Just Jack (Paperback)

By Broadbent, Adele

  • RRP: $19.99
  • ONLY $14.99
  • Save $5.00

Wee Jack Baines is tired of living in his brother's shadow. Unlike his brother Robert, Jack is no good at sports or rabbit-shooting, and is not popular at school. Luckily for him, though, his Uncle Onslow notices that, as well as being short, Jack has a gift with horses: perfect ...

ISBN 9781869508869
Replacement this title has been replaced by: 9781869509804
Published 1 January 2011 by HarperCollins
Interest Age 9-14 years
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The Loblolly Boy and the Sorcerer

The Loblolly Boy and the Sorcerer (Paperback)

By Norcliffe, James

The Loblolly boy wants his old life back and his plight is all the more poignant for his searching. In this stunning junior fiction fantasy sequel to The Loblolly Boy Michael convinces the unhappy boy at the Great Hall to Exchange with him once again, and Michael begins a magical ...

ISBN 9781877460692
Published 8 April 2011 by Random House
Interest Age 10-13 years
Sorry, availability of this title has not been updated from publisher recently so availability is uncertain.
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The Travelling Restaurant

The Travelling Restaurant (Paperback)

By Else, Barbara

  • RRP: $24.99
  • ONLY $19.99
  • Save $5.00

When 12 year old Jasper Ludlow's parents flee the city, he gets left behind and finds refuge on The Travelling Restaurant, a sailing ship captained by old Dr Rocket and crewed by feisty Polly. Jasper faces challenges, adventures, storms and hungry pirates. Should he go in search ...

ISBN 9781877467776
Published 4 January 2011 by Gecko Press
Interest Age 2-6 years
Usually ships 7-15 working days – This title is in stock at publisher
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The Flytrap Snaps

The Flytrap Snaps (Paperback)

By Knox, Johanna; Illustrated by Malcolm, Sabrina

  • RRP: $22.00
  • ONLY $19.80
  • Save $2.20

"In Filmington, a fictional movie-industry town, 12-year-old Spencer Fogle stumbles on a criminal plot being hatched by the richest man in town, venture capitalist and ex-child-star, Jimmy Jangle. Exactly what is Jangle planning? All Spencer knows is that it involves genetically ...

ISBN 9780473179960
Published 1 January 2011 by Hinterlands
Interest Age 4-12 years
Series Fly Papers
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