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Maui And Sina : A Play Series

Maui And Sina : A Play Series

Illustrated by Filisi, Glorielle; By Tau'au Filisi, Helen

Maui and Sina are ancient mythological figures in Maori and Pasifika legends that have been brought to life for new generations in this play. The play spans oral tradition as if follows the origins of Papa, Rangi and their children to new lands. It then spans the epic journey of ...

ISBN 9780473286729
Published 17 July 2015
Interest Age All ages
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Tagaloalagi: A Play Series

Tagaloalagi: A Play Series

By Tau'au Filisi, Helen

"The play Tagaloalagi intertwines the oral ancient Samoan myth of Tagalolagi with his namesake Tagi, a boy of the 1990s caught in the dilemma of choosing between the values of his cultural upbringing and popular society's peer pressure. This play is the second play in the play se ...

ISBN 9780473331368
Published 1 January 2015 by Miscellaneous
Interest Age All ages
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Ten Plays: Short, Easy Dramas for Churches

Ten Plays: Short, Easy Dramas for Churches (Trade Paperback/Paperback)

By Sugrue, Rosalie; Illustrated by Garside, Rosemary

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"Lay preacher Rosalie Sugrue's short plays and meditations are ideal to present in church. They encourage us to engage with Bible and historical characters, and explore important themes. Staging is simple. Few props or costumes are required. Unless marked [adults] these play read ...

ISBN 9781927260159
Published 1 January 2013 by Philip Garside Publishing Ltd
Interest Age All ages
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