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Wheelers Shopping Online Help Guide

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Thanks for coming online to discover what's available through the Wheelers website. The following serves to explain the 'how to' shop which you may wish to print for easy reference. If you have any queries you can also call us on 0800 890 333 and we can talk you through the process.

To start with you may wish to browse the site to explore what kinds of books you can buy at discounted prices.

You can start browsing books by clicking on Age, Category, Series/Authors, New Releases (in the top right hand side of the search box at the top of the page). Alternatively you could simply click on What's New at the top of the page.

For further information please feel free to read our User Guide PDF.

Filtering & Sorting

Once you have a list of titles being displayed, you can then choose to apply some 'Filters' to further narrow down the titles by selecting specific tabs within the filters (on the right hand side). You may for example wish to browse books for 7-9 year olds. To do this, simply click on the filter 'Age Group', select 7-9 years, then click on the 'Apply' button under this. You will see at this point that the Age Group '7-9 years' is highlighted. The site will then only showcase books that have '7-9 years' within their readership/interest age specifications.

Please note: These filters will stay on wherever you go on the site, until you choose to unselect them by either selecting 'Display All' under Age Groups, or by clicking on 'Clear All'.

There is also an option to 'sort' the books within a selection by different criteria i.e. If wanting to see the most popular titles select the 'Popularity' tab under the Order by heading in the 'Sort Results' box (on the right hand side below the filters). Alternatively you may wish to sort by the Price (lowest), or by the 'Publication Date (Newest)' which will order them from the latest release (or even by forthcoming titles) to the oldest published title. Again, once this has been selected all results will sort by these sorting criteria as you browse different areas of the site, until you change it to something else.

Please note: You can use the Filters and Sorting functions in isolation of each other or in combination. Just remember to check each time you review your selection that you have the filters/sorting function you want.


If you are looking for a specific title or series you may wish to use our 'Search' field at the top of the screen. You can search by ISBN, Title Name, Author, Series, or even Keywords. We also encourage you to try our Advanced Search which has been designed to help you find the best titles. You can choose to search for books by topic/key word that are suitable for certain aged children and that have been released recently e.g. Search for 'Pirate' books (Paperbacks) for 5 year olds that have been released in 2007. Try it, it's so easy!

For more detail on any one title including full descriptions, reviews, and author bio's, you can click onto the title header itself, the image, or the 'view title details'.

Stock Status

As you browse the site you will be informed when our suppliers are temporarily out of stock and given an indication of the typical time it takes to receive the book in from the publisher (assuming they have stock). Please also look out for new forthcoming titles which will become available as the publisher releases the title (shown as ‘Release Date'). Please also note the titles stock situation is updated hourly so we do our best to ensure it is accurate at time of ordering. From time to time however we can have multiple orders come in within the hour for a title and one that was shown in stock may need to go to backorder. In this situation, we would contact you via email to inform you.

Creating an Account

If you see books you like while browsing and would like to place an order, you will need to create an account. After completing your details you'll be ready to shop. Please note: If your school or library already has an account with Wheeler's, please enter your customer code into the Customer Code box. This will ensure all your standard details (delivery address, etc.) appear and that order is placed onto your account. If you aren't aware of your Customer Code/Account Number you can find it on a past invoice to the right of the Sales Order number. You can also simply contact/call us and we'll give it to you immediately.

Next, you will still be asked to confirm your email address as a way of ensuring our communication to you regarding the order is accurate. This isn't compulsory but it is a worthwhile check to ensure we have the correct email address to communicate to you if we need to with reference to the order. This also means next time you want to shop on Wheeler's website you only have to ‘sign in' (not create an account) all over again.

From here you can easily add books to your shopping basket by clicking ‘Add to basket'. As you shop around the site you can see what you've added by clicking into the ‘view title details' to see more information on a particular item. You can also add books to a ‘wishlist' basket which will hold these books for you to reference at any time but won't take them into checkout until you shift them into your basket.


When you are ready to proceed to Checkout, simply click onto 'My Basket' on the right hand side (which shows you what's been added) or up along the top. At this point any 'Out of Stock' or 'Pre-release' items will be highlighted for your reference.

Additional options

If you are an Account Customer with Wheelers with a specific Account/Customer code you will have an additional folder come up labelled Title notes. These is an area for you to add any specific details against specific titles e.g. a title may be ordered for a particular project/teacher and you could write this here for your easy reference in the future. You can however also choose to simply leave this blank.


If you haven't already completed billing/delivery address you will need to complete this. Please note: This will be kept under your Profile Options for any future shopping but you can change it at any time. Please complete both the Billing address and Delivery address fields on this page then click back to continue through the checkout process.


If you already have a Customer Account with us (and you've entered this #) you will be given the option to ‘add this to your account'. If not, we are happy to accept cheque or credit cards as payment. If you choose to send a cheque please take care to fill out the cheque order details given once you have clicked through this area (and also printed on sales order) on the back of you cheque and send into Wheelers Books, PO Box 305-404, Triton Plaza, Auckland 0757. Your order will be picked and put in a pending area until we receive your cheque.


Please check all the details on the confirmation page. We also encourage you to enter your Purchase Order # in the Reference box at the bottom of the checkout process. You can also write any additional notes you would like us to see here regarding your order e.g. wish to use your fundraising credit against this order. Click Process Order to finalise your order.

After Ordering

You can view and print out your sales order (for cheques)/receipt for credit card payment (for your reference). Assuming we have your correct email address you will also receive a confirmation email in your inbox.

Please note: We are only happy when you are happy. If you are not completely satisfied with any of the titles you have received we will happily refund/credit you. All we ask is that books are returned to us in 'as new condition' with the receipt enclosed, within 14 days.

Thank you for choosing to purchase through Wheelers. We hope you enjoy the experience and encourage you to contact us if you have any queries whatsoever. We will continue to improve the site over the coming months (and how the Book Worm Online programme is facilitated online) so if you have any feedback/comments you would like to give us please contact us.

Thank you,

The Team at Wheelers Books

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