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ePlatform - the most affordable way to get your library mobile 

Wheelers ePlatform offers schools and public libraries a secure eBook library which is affordable, easy to use and rich in features that will inspire and educate your readers. 

We deliver a huge range (over 300,000) of eBooks that include the latest international titles aswell as the largest local content (from Australasia) than any other eBook platform.

Since launching in 2011 over 1000 schools and libraries in 15 countries have chosen ePlatform as their eBook lending partner. We host and facilitate the lending of eBook titles for your library so you can open your students/ members up to an exciting world of reading whenever they want, whereever they are.   

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Why ePlatform truely stands out as your best choice?

Easy to step up and an ePlatform APP that's easy for everyone to use

  • ePlatform offers a user friendly intuitive interface that works on multiple devices 
  • The ePlatform APP makes it quick and easy for your library members/ students to find your library, browse your collection and borrow a book to read. After siging in the once and borrowing a book, it's one-click reading (even after going offline)  

  • Leaders in local content to complement the huge range of international content 

  • With over 30,000 eBooks from 500 Australasian publishers, ePlatform offers unbeatable access to content on local interests from local authors. This is the largest Australasian content of any eBook publisher.

  • This complements the 270,000 international titles to offer you over 300,000 eBook titles ... and growing
  • The most affordable pricing
    Most other eBook systems have exorbitant setup costs. Not ePlatform. There is a low setup fee and minimal per title fee to cover hosting/DRM.
  • Our collection-based pricing rather than subscription means your library can spend its budget on the things that will actually benefit your patrons – more eBooks!
  • Customisable settings and accessibility features  
    As the library administrator, you’ll have full control over loan periods, reserves, title restrictions (including ability to restrict title borrowing by age or year at school), usage reports and more. 
  • Your library members/ students can also personalize their eBook display settings to their own preferences. ePlatform even offers special feature settings to help with reading challenges like dyslexia. 

 We encourage you to experience ePlatform for yourself by registering for a free trial login to our demo site below. 

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What others have to say about ePlatform...

'Wheelers provide many useful features for our digital library, including a wide range of titles and subjects. The option to download or read online is especially valued by our patrons, as well as the ability to reserve titles. Wheelers have responded quickly to feedback and purchase suggestions, and have a diverse range of content.'

Nathan Turner - e-Resources Librarian, Parramatta City Library, Australia

'I’ve found that Wheelers is excellent to deal with. Their eBook platform was very easy to set up, their books (both print and digital) are Australasian-oriented and up-to-date, and the purchasing system is simple and straightforward. Efficient and courteous help is only a quick phone call away.'

Jennifer King - Head of Information Services, Brisbane Boys’ College, Australia

'It can be very confusing when you start to think about e-books and all that it entails for your library.  Wheeler's e-book platform makes it easy.  Their staff answer all your questions.  Their help desk is easy to access and available to help you with any problems you might have.  I am very impressed with the range of books you can get now and new publishers are being added all the time. 

Most importantly the e-readers I have in my school are out all the time, the students have taken to them like ducks to water.  They are a great tool to promote reading.' 

Karen Clarke - Library Manager, St. Patrick's College, Wellington, New Zealand

'I am extremely impressed with Wheelers’ efficiency. I set up the registration page and user interface easily, which shows how friendly it is.'

Rob Gutteridge – Library & Information Resources Manager, Maritzburg College, South Africa

"I’m just writing to let you know that I love your e-platform service!  I’ve found the whole process of implementing the platform at Freyberg High School very smooth and seamless.  Thanks for the great service so far too: you’ve been quick to offer support when needed.  I know your range of eBooks is ever growing and even in these early stages of your service, I’m quite amazed at the range already on offer.

Keep up the good work and congratulations for creating the first ePlatform of its kind in New Zealand, for New Zealanders!"

Debbie Price-Ewen - High School Manager, Freyberg Library, and founder and manager of NZeRT

"Hamilton City Libraries have had the pleasure of offering a customised ePlatform, including our own banner and colour scheme, to customers since February 27, 2012. Wheelers have provided excellent technical support, with fast response times. We enjoy having the freedom to log into the admin side and customise such things as loan limit and length. Our customers appreciate the thorough help guides available, the convenience, and not having to worry about overdue fees"

Amanda Magee - Digital Manager Hamilton Library, Hamilton, New Zealand

Please visit www.eplatform.co for more information.