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ISBN Title Format Author Date RRP Price
9780939154517 These Roots Remain: Food Habit in Islands of the Central and Eastern Pacific Since Western Contact Hardback Pollock, Nancy J. 01/12/1996 $128.99 $89.99 + Basket
238920 A Taste of Pitcairn Paperback Warren, Merelda 08/09/2010 $32.99 $29.69
9780958296656 Sonja's Kitchen: Sustainable Cuisine from the Cook Islands Paperback Pigneguy, Dee 11/10/2011 $39.99 $35.99
9781854862167 Aircraft Workshop: Learn to Make Models That Fly Paperback Shacklock, Kelvin 28/09/2000 $69.99 $62.99
9789980939258 Papua New Guinea Cook Book Trade Paperback/Paperback Shelly, Louise 20/03/2010 $48.99 $44.09
9780824817787 Food of Paradise Hardback Laudan, Rachel 31/12/1996 $67.99 $61.19 + Basket
9780824821265 Fish Speak: Hawaii and Pacific Islands Seafood Mixed media product/Mixed Media, Professional ed, Contains Book and 2 VHS videos Kelley, Marie G. 31/01/1995 $296.99 $267.29
9780964542662 Plants in Samoan Culture: The Ethnobotany of Samoa Paperback Whistler, W. Arthur 01/12/2001 $103.99 $93.59
9781586852603 American Grub: Eats for Kids from All Fifty States: Eats for Kids from All Fifty States Paperback, illustrated edition Kuntz, Lynn 31/03/2003 $21.99 $21.99
9786131254208 UCC Ueshima Coffee Co. Trade Paperback/Paperback Surhone, Lambert M. 07/11/2010 $101.99 $96.89
9786131790263 Cloud Ear Fungus Trade Paperback/Paperback Miller, Frederic P. 20/07/2010 $80.99 $76.94 + Basket
9786131909344 Saimin Trade Paperback/Paperback Surhone, Lambert M. 26/08/2010 $120.99 $114.94
Total 12 Detail View List View Gallery