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Hawaii Jography!

Hawaii Jography! (Trade Paperback/Paperback)

By Marsh, Carole

  • OUR PRICE $22.50

Hawaii Geography-Statistics say most kids know less geography than ever-don't let that apply to your students! Start by making sure kids know the main places & geographic features in their own state. Give them activities that pretend they are taking a cross-state bike tour, using ...

ISBN 9780793398232
Published 1 July 2001 by Gallopade International
Interest Age 4-12 years
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State Facts for Fun! Hawaii

State Facts for Fun! Hawaii (Trade Paperback/Paperback)

By Michaels, Wyatt

  • OUR PRICE $19.50

How much do you know about one of most unique states within the United States of America? Do you know which crop is only grown in Hawaii? How many letters are in the Hawaiian alphabet? Or do you know which ethnic group is a majority in Hawaii? Hawaii is a state that has a fascina ...

ISBN 9781514344859
Published 13 June 2015 by Createspace
Interest Age 4-12 years
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Tiger Team: Flying Fire Balls

Tiger Team: Flying Fire Balls (Paperback)

By Brezina, Thomas

  • Imp. $12.99
  • ONLY $10.39
  • Save $2.60

On a boat of the coast of Hawaii, the Tiger Team get caught in a storm. Even more scary, they come under attack from mysterious flying fireballs. Where do they come from? How are they connected to the plot to blow up the volcano? And what has it got to do with Hugo Blizz, compute ...

ISBN 9780749741297
Published 1 July 2000 by Egmont UK Ltd
Interest Age 8-11 years
Series Tiger team
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