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Born to be Alive

Born to be Alive

By O'Hagan, Colleen Rose

  • OUR PRICE $47.99

In this sequel to her first book "Born to be Alive," Colleen is now living in Fiji. This country and the people who lived there - Fijian, Indian, Chinese, part-European and European - played a major role in her development into the person she became. The generosity of these wonde ...

ISBN 9781478258896
Published 16 July 2012 by Miscellaneous
Interest Age All ages
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Samoa and Fiji: South Sea Paradise

Samoa and Fiji: South Sea Paradise (Calendar/Learning Resources)

By Zohrer, Gunter

  • OUR PRICE $81.50

The neighbouring islands of Samoa (Polynesia) and Fiji (Melanesia) are called the cradle of the South Sea Culture. Although the cliche of the South Sea paradise applies to both islands, there are also interesting cultural and architectural aspects to discover. Calvendo calendars ...

ISBN 9781325009602
Published 16 September 2014 by Calvendo Verlag GmbH
Interest Age All ages
Series Calvendo Places
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