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              Loopy Lucy: Flying with Hubble

              Loopy Lucy: Flying with Hubble (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Aramakutu, C. V.; Edited by Copsey, Sue

              • RRP: $21.99
              • $21.99
              • Not Available Locally

              From a blurry eyed, awkward gymnastics failure to a courageous space traveller, 11-year-old Lucy weaves through the chaos created when a portal opens up in her suburban laundry!

              ISBN 9781717403667
              Publisher Createspace
              Interest Age 5-12 years
              Series Loopy Lucy
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              Paris on a Prayer: The Dylan Groom Story

              Paris on a Prayer: The Dylan Groom Story (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Groom, Angela; Edited by Copsey, Sue

              Soon after his birth in Hamilton, New Zealand, Angela Groom's son Dylan was diagnosed with a neurological condition so rare there was only one doctor in the world capable of saving his life. That doctor was based in Paris. In Paris on a Prayer, Angela shares her journey, from ...the elation of Dylan's birth to the devastation of being informed of his condition, to the family's dramatic race against time to Paris. This is a story of hope, resilience, the power of family, and the extraordinary people in the medical profession who became involved in Dylan's fight for life.
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              ISBN 9780473375409
              Published NZ 1 Jan 2016
              Publisher NZ / SP Author Self Published
              Interest Age 16+ years
              Availability and pricing is uncertain (no recent updates from publisher)
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              Pixiehaven (Paperback)

              By McIntyre, Katrina; Edited by Copsey, Sue; Williamson, Sarah

              • RRP: $15.99
              • $15.99
              • Available

              Welcome to Pixiehaven, a world bursting with magic! Oona Blu has always known she isn't your average boring pixie. She wears flowers in her shoes and paintbrushes in her hair, and has a serious love of stripes. Even her companion, Hattie, isn't the usual pixie cat - she's a rain...bow-coloured hedgehog. Oona wants nothing more than to care for one of the flower families. But she's worried that being different means she won't be chosen. Have the bullies been right about her all along? Or will Oona's pixie dream come true?
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              ISBN 9780473562854
              Published NZ 11 Feb 2021
              Publisher NZ / SP Author Self Published
              Interest Age 5-9 years
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              FEARFUL Scary Stories of the Evil App

              FEARFUL Scary Stories of the Evil App (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              Illustrated by Duke, Jesus; Edited by Copsey, Sue; By Nava, Christian

              • RRP: $22.50
              • $15.48
              • Save $7.02
              • In Stock US

              I dare you. I DOUBLE DARE YOU to visit the eerie town of Quiet Falls in Book One of the Fearful Anthology Series. Just be ready for a scary good time! Esau S Bryant is a twelve-year-old boy desperate to become an influencer to help his family. And when he finds a strange phone in... an abandoned mall, it seems he finally got a lucky break, until he realizes his new mobile device is cursed. Now he will have to face his worst fears and fight an online evil spirit to save himself, his family, and--the world. Join Esau and his friends as they go on incredible adventures involving a haunted phone, demonic possessions, and an internet troll with a wicked sense of humor! WARNING! Do you have what it takes to become a Horror Hunter? Then turn on all the lights, check for monsters under your bed, and venture into this spooky, fast-paced, kinda funny story. But beware--the creatures in these tales like to live rent-free in your nightmares! A Message for the Grown-Ups: In FEARFUL: Scary Stories of the Evil App, Christian Nava has told a heartfelt tale about the power of self-acceptance against the growing dangers of social media pressure. Featuring black-and-white illustrations by the talented Jesus Duke, the first entry in this chilling book series is a must-have for readers age 8 to 12 that anyone can enjoy.
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              ISBN 9798525083127
              Publisher Independently Published
              Interest Age Children
              Internationally sourced; ships 6-14 working days
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