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              Origins, Ancestry and Alliance: Exploration in Austronesian Ethnography

              Origins, Ancestry and Alliance: Exploration in Austronesian Ethnography (Paperback)

              Edited by Fox, James J.; Sather, Clifford; By National University, Australian; Austronesian Project, Comparative

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              • $47.99
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              This collection of papers, the third in a series of volumes on the work of the Comparative Austronesian Project, explores indigenous Austronesian ideas of origin, ancestry and alliance and considers the comparative significance of these ideas in social practice. The papers examin...e social practice in a diverse range of societies extending from insular Southeast Asia to the islands of the Pacific.
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              ISBN 9780731524327
              Published NZ 1 Oct 2006
              Publisher Misc - Alliance Distribution
              Interest Age 19+ years
              Series Occasional papers in anthropology
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              Beyond the Horizon

              Beyond the Horizon (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Sather, Clifford; Kaartinen, Timo

              • RRP: $123.50
              • $123.50
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              Society is never just a localized aggregate of people but exists by virtue of its members' narrative and conceptual awareness of other times and places. In Jukka Siikala's work this idea evolves into a broad ethnographic and theoretical interest in worlds beyond the horizon, in t...he double sense of 'past' and 'abroad.' This book is a tribute to Jukka's contributions to anthropology by his colleagues and students and marks his 60th birthday in January 2007. By exploring the near, distant, inward and outward horizons towards which societies project their reality, the authors aim at developing a new, productive language for addressing culture as a way of experiencing and engaging the world.
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              ISBN 9789518580686
              Released NZ 3 Nov 2018
              Publisher Bod Third Party Titles
              Interest Age General Audience
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