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              Te Rau Aroha : The Kai Truck

              Te Rau Aroha : The Kai Truck (Paperback)

              By Yates, Piatarihi

              The story of the Second World War food truck "Te Rau Aroha". The families and children of the Native Schools of New Zealand raised 1000 pounds to build a truck to deliver food from home to the soldiers of the Maori Battalion. The soldiers treated the truck as a pet and mascot, an...d it provided food, cups of tea and biscuits to the soldiers through the war. Despite being captured by the Germans, it escaped again, and eventually returned home to visit all the Native Schools in New Zealand.
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              ISBN 9780473323301
              Published NZ 1 Jan 2015
              Publisher AUNTY BEA PUBLICATIONS
              Interest Age General Audience
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