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              Rebecca and the Queen of Nations

              Rebecca and the Queen of Nations (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Burnside, Deborah

              "It's 1874 and when ten-year-old Rebecca Kelly is sent to the dreary Derry workhouse she decides that this is not the life for her. So she runs away and steals a horse to ride to Belfast. Rebecca is determined that she will join her brother, Felix, who is a sailor on the Queen of... Nations, a ship bound for New Zealand, but this will be difficult for a young girl without a penny to her name. Rebecca must become a servant for the Walker family and earn her passage to the new colony"--Publisher information. Suggested level: primary.
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              ISBN 9780143307716
              Published NZ 24 Jul 2013
              Publisher Penguin
              Interest Age Children / Young Adults
              Series New Zealand Girl
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              Yes (Paperback)

              By Burnside, Deborah

              • RRP: $22.99
              • $22.99
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              Marty knows that when his mate Luke attempts to involve him in another crazy venture, it's futile to resist. This time it's the Young Enterprise Scheme. Luke believes it will make them rich and popular, and along the way will capture the heart of his elusive love. Reluctantly Mar...ty says yes. And what comes next is a whole lot bigger and weirder than he could ever have imagined.
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              ISBN 9781869509255
              Published NZ 4 Nov 2011
              Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
              Interest Age Children / Young Adults
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