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              Maybe Baby: Navigating the Emotional Journey Through Assisted Fertility

              Maybe Baby: Navigating the Emotional Journey Through Assisted Fertility (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Saunders, Sue

              • RRP: $35.00
              • $26.25
              • Save $8.75
              • Pub Date
                8 Jun 21

              Many people find the road to having a family is not the smooth one they always expected. Whether there is an unforeseen physical problem, the lack of a suitable partner, or no problem that can be diagnosed, many people wind up seeking help. Pamphlets and brochures are handed out,... but there is also a whole world of emotions and decisions to be worked through by all those involved, and this book explores that aspect of this complex process. From coming to terms with not being able to provide your partner with a child that belongs to just the two of you, or cultural resistance to the idea of IVF or donors, to the growing numbers of single women and same-sex couples who wish to become parents every bit as much as heterosexual couples, this book looks into the range of options and emotions to be thought about, with the long-term good of the hoped-for child always at front of mind. The author, who went through her own infertility trauma, later worked as a counsellor at a fertility clinic for almost 20 years, and has talked to many people in many different circumstances, shares a wide range of experiences in these pages. There are case studies throughout, and each chapter ends with two practical bullet lists- Things to Think About; and Things That Might Help.
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              ISBN 9780143774976
              Published NZ 8 Jun 2021
              Publisher Penguin
              Interest Age General Audience
              Available for pre-order, ships once released
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              White Poppies Heinemann Plays

              White Poppies Heinemann Plays (Hardback)

              By Saunders, Sue

              • RRP: $29.99
              • $29.99
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              When Tom Headley enlists underage in the Great War, he and his friends head straight to the front line. In tragic circumstances, Tom is blamed for the deaths of his comrades. His family and sweetheart back home are shunned by the community. Eighty years later, a young schoolgirl ...uncovers shocking truths, and in doing so rights a wrong.
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              ISBN 9780435233457
              Released NZ 1 Jun 2009
              Publisher Pearson Education
              Interest Age Children / Young Adults
              Series Heinemann Plays for 11-14
              Indent title (internationally sourced), allow 8-12 weeks
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              Fashion Design Course: Accessories: Design Practice and Processes for Creating Hats, Bags, Shoes and More

              Fashion Design Course: Accessories: Design Practice and Processes for Creating Hats, Bags, Shoes and More (Paperback)

              By Schaffer, Jane; Saunders, Sue

              • RRP: $43.99
              • $39.59
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              Offers an introduction for fashion design students, aspiring designers and start-up businesses to the design principles, construction techniques and professional practices for the growing market sector of accessory and footwear design.

              ISBN 9780500290347
              Released NZ 1 Mar 2012
              Publisher Thames and Hudson (Australia)
              Interest Age 19+ years
              Indent title (internationally sourced), allow 8-12 weeks
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              21: 45

              21: 45 (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Saunders, Sue

              • RRP: $31.99
              • $22.66
              • Save $9.33
              • In Stock US

              21:45 is a coming of age novel, with a twist. This gritty black comedy presents the reader with six possible outcomes: what kind of 45 year old did the suicidal 21 year old become? 21:45 is in two parts and refers to age of the main protagonist. It is set in inner city London and... spans the 1960's to 2008. This is the blurb Tara Gladden - Editor, Cornerstones Literary Consultancy, London, - wrote for 21:45: 'A shabby council flat is not an ideal mise-en-scene for an existential crisis. Like Holden Caulfield in French knickers, the heroine of 21:45 is a wise-cracking, whip-smart outsider. Unlike Holden, she lives for film noir and borstal boys - until the day her rough diamond, Charlie, dies. By the time she's 21 she's ready to throw her tarnished life away. But what lives - brave, sad, thrilling, foolish, important lives - could she be missing out on?' This was Tara Gladden's summary of the style, content and quality of 21:45: 'Sue, this manuscript made me laugh out loud. Your heroine has such a unique voice - funny, dirty, irreverent, inventive, raw. It's been a long time since I encountered such a complex and compelling heroine. The world she inhabits is convincingly grimy and mundane, with unexpected flashes of beauty to make it bearable. The romance with Charlie is described in such an honest, visceral way that the words on the page seemed to generate their own heat. I'm certain that you have a real talent for writing.' The 21 part of the book begins with our film noir obsessed heroine experiencing yet another panic attack. She intends to commit suicide, but is concerned about ceasing to be before she's actually been and so decides to write her memoirs. The style is intimate and conversational - she wants to woo her reader. Following a patchy childhood, at age fourteen she discovers alcohol, shoplifting and sex; disco and punk provide the soundtrack. After losing her virginity to Lee, without even having removed her cardigan, she meets Charlie, a Steve McQueen lo
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              ISBN 9781493523702
              Released NZ 30 Sep 2013
              Publisher Createspace
              Interest Age General Audience
              Internationally sourced; ships 6-14 working days
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