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              Avis and the Promise of Dragons

              Avis and the Promise of Dragons (Paperback)

              By McQuillan, Heather

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              Avis has a dream to work with animals, so when a scientist with a witchy-looking house offers her a job as a pet-sitter she jumps at the chance.

              ISBN 9780995119758
              Published NZ 4 Oct 2019
              Publisher The Cuba Press
              Interest Age 9-11 years
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              Nest of Lies

              Nest of Lies (Paperback)

              By McQuillan, Heather

              modern-day fairy story with a dark side Ashlee is terrified of birds. Everybody in the Citadel is. In their stories birds are blamed for the Plague that destroyed civilisation and now, over sixty years later, the Sanctuary Guards patrol the reclaimed city and keep it free of bird...s and other dangers such as the Outsiders who live free in the wilds, the Egghead scientists who challenge the truth of their stories, and ideas that lie in books and technologies. Without birds to keep them in check, the bugs take over the gardens and become immune to the chemical sprays, so Ashlees Papa, an Elder in the Council, is sent to other ruined cities to search out a solution. During his long absences Ashlee becomes a slave to her wicked stepfamily, but when a yellow hammer bird comes tapping at her window it leads her to a message of hope from her lost brother, Felix. He has become a legend, a boy who talks to and flies with the birds. Ashlee has to confront her own beliefs and sift through the lies and fairytales to find the truth about herself, the past and her own father.
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              ISBN 9781775430254
              Published NZ 1 Nov 2011
              Publisher Scholastic
              Interest Age Children / Young Adults
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