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              Violence 101

              Violence 101 (Paperback)

              By Wright, Denis

              • RRP: $19.99
              • $19.99
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              In a New Zealand reformatory, Hamish Graham--an extremely intelligent 14-year-old who believes in the compulsory study of violence--learns that violence is not always the answer when he tries to help someone who doesn't know where to draw the line.

              ISBN 9780143304036
              Published 1 September 2008 by Penguin
              Interest Age 13+ years
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              Nanotech (Paperback)

              By Wright, Denis

              • RRP: $25.00
              • $22.50
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              "High School students on a science field trip to Auckland are captured by white supremacist group NAB, whose target is American biologist Professor Meinhoff. He's made a startling and dangerous breakthrough in molecular biology--a virus that could destroy entire ethnic groups if ...

              ISBN 9780994106957
              Published 8 February 2018 by Makaro Press
              Interest Age 13+ years
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              Wedlock (Paperback)

              By Wright, Denis

              Lucy Sorrenson is the only grown-up at her place, in her opinion. She is sick of the responsibility and wants to be young, be in the school play and go to cast parties. But others are watching and have chosen her for a different role entirely. On opening night she is abducted. Wh ...

              ISBN 9780473421861
              Published 13 March 2018 by OneTree House Ltd
              Interest Age 13+ years
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