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              Akikomatic: The World of Akiko Stehrenberger

              Akikomatic: The World of Akiko Stehrenberger (Hardback)

              By (artist) Stehrenberger, Akiko; By Gabel, J. C.

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              If you've caught a glimpse of a promotional movie poster in the last 15 years, chances are you were taking in the work of Akiko Stehrenberger, the Los Angeles-based artist you didn't know you knew. Stehrenberger has worked on projects for some of cinema's most important and influ...ential filmmakers, translating their unique vision from screen to film poster. The list of names includes a long roster of trailblazers, among them Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, Jonathan Glazer, Harmony Korine, The Coen Brothers, Sofia Coppola, David Lynch, Michael Haneke, and dozens of others. Stehrenberger, a California native, imbues her unique brand of surrealism to the art of the movie poster utilizing various techniques, including painting, computers, and traditional forms of graphic design--all while conceptually dissecting the films themselves, which helps to illuminate why Akiko is such a vital visual artist. The book will put readers at the center of her process (from concept to execution), examining how her life and heroes influenced the special vision she brings to the world of film poster design. Akiko's art making story will be told in a way that mirrors her process, utilizing analog and modern techniques (including film, film photography, and illustration), all in an effort to a better understanding of her creativity. Having become one of the most respected movie poster designers and illustrators of her generation, she is now on the cusp of a major creative change in her life: She has begun to embrace her own fine art and has branched out into new mediums, with the hope of exhibiting her work in the future. This book will capture what she has so skillfully harvested from just one realm of her imagination so far.
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              ISBN 9781732734579
              Released NZ 1 Jun 2020
              Publisher Misc - Alliance Distribution
              Interest Age Children / Young Adults
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              The Velvet Underground Experience: Lou Reed, John Cale, Moe Tucker, Sterling Morrison, Nico, Andy Warhol & Friends

              The Velvet Underground Experience: Lou Reed, John Cale, Moe Tucker, Sterling Morrison, Nico, Andy Warhol & Friends (Hardback)

              Other Fevret; Mirabello, Carole; Edited by Gabel, J. C.

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              Hardcover, 216 pages 8.5 11 in. 21.59 27.94 cm At the heart of 1960s avant-garde New York was the convergence of Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison, and Moe Tucker, heralding an unprecedented musical revolution. The Velvet Underground was a unique group for its time, fueled b...y the visual arts, poetry, and stage performance, as much by ideas of sexual transgression and the subversion of social norms. Compiled from archival ephemera, unpublished photographs, films, album covers, posters, fanzines, letters, testimonies, and poems, this monograph gathers anew the Velvet Underground Experience exhibition that opened in Paris in 2016 for a US audience, recreating the sound, visual, and emotional experiences of the underground scenes in New York, where extravagances were always allowed. This updated monograph explores the genesis and history of a group that, despite its colorful collaboration with Andy Warhol, was overlooked by success during its brief existence (1965-1970). Too radical, too transgressive, and too uninhibited for their time, the Velvet Underground has become a cultural phenomenon over the decades, one that continues to fascinate audiences around the world. Editorial coordination: Christian Fevret and Carole Mirabello Editors: JC Gabel and Margot Ross Design: Change is Good, Paris
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              ISBN 9781732056138
              Released NZ 15 May 2019
              Publisher Hat & Beard, LLC
              Interest Age General Audience
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