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              Dad Goes to the Movies (1941)

              Dad Goes to the Movies (1941) (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Tweedie, Les; Tweedie, Jaq

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              "When war was declared in 1939, Les Tweedie was at the movies with his sweetheart, Peg. He enlisted, married her, and went off to serve New Zealand as a soldier for the next six years. In 1941, he noted in his tiny personal soldier's diary every film he saw, and many other things... that happened in that very interesting year"--Back cover.
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              ISBN 9780473359942
              Publisher Misc - NZ/SP Publisher
              Interest Age 2-6 years
              Internationally sourced; usually ships 2-3 weeks
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              The Gull Club: 2016

              The Gull Club: 2016 (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              Original author Tweedie, Jaq

              Jaq Tweedie was dubbed The Diva Of Darkness by her fellow comedians, until novelist Chad Taylor remarked, We know you're funny. What else have you got? This is what else. The Gull Club is a collection of brief, twisted, sinister and insightful poems about the fever dream of urban... life. What else? Oh yes, it's funny too.
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              ISBN 9780473306625
              Published NZ 1 Jan 2014
              Publisher Misc - NZ/SP Publisher
              Interest Age General Audience
              Availability and pricing is uncertain (no recent updates from publisher)
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