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              Danger On Our Doorstep

              Danger On Our Doorstep (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Molan, Jim

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              A sober, realistic assessment from bestselling author, ex-major general and senator Jim Molan What are Australia's options in confronting a rising and belligerent China? For the first time in nearly 80 years, war on our doorstop is not just possible, it is likely. Former army maj...or general and Liberal Party senator Jim Molan has fought wars, reviewed intelligence, participated in government and conducted business in hotspots across the world, making him an expert in evaluating risk and reward in perilous military situations. In this sober assessment, he brings his experience to bear on the issue of the present and growing danger of China's rise. He examines what China's end game is, what war with China would look like and, importantly, what Australia's best interests and options are. Acknowledging the increasing awareness across Australia of a regional war, he stresses how important it is to prepare for the right war, not the war we would prefer to fight.
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              ISBN 9781460762608
              Published NZ 3 Aug 2022
              Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
              Interest Age General Audience
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              Keeping the Faith: The Battle for Australian Catholicism

              Keeping the Faith: The Battle for Australian Catholicism (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Grant, James; Foreword by Roskam, John; Preface by Molan, Jim

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              Keeping the Faith is an incredibly optimistic book. It is precisely the sort of book that is required for these difficult times. It's a clear-eyed assessment of the very major challenges faced not just by the Catholic Church in Australia, but which confront our entire society. Bu...t the central purpose of the book is not to provide a catalogue of ills. Crucially, Fr James provides a way forward for the Catholic Church. He charts a course for how the Church can continue to make the sort of contribution to Australian society that it has in the past and which has helped make this country the safe, secure, and prosperous country that it is. -- John Roskam, The Institute of Public Affairs, Melbourne. Keeping the Faith puts forward a basic theory ... that the church has become fearful of criticism and is no longer promoting the things it alleges it stands for. Father James makes the case that the adoption of many socialist ideas especially in the social justice framework is a poor attempt to be popular and has not delivered any increase in Mass attendance. My impression of such attempts are that they are amateurish because our Church leaders are not experts in this field, and many people are sick of Lefty solutions for aboriginals, refugees and climate change. -- Jim Molan, AO DSC former Senior Officer in the Australian Army and Commander of the multi-national task force in Iraq in 2004
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              ISBN 9781925501704
              Released NZ 11 Dec 2017
              Publisher Connor Court Publishing Pty Lt
              Interest Age General Audience
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