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              A Week in the Life of NASCAR: A View From Within

              A Week in the Life of NASCAR: A View From Within (PDF ebook)

              Foreword by France, Brian

              Never before has NASCAR allowed unlimited access to every area of the track on race day until giving the editors and photographers from NASCAR Scene a chance to chronicle every unseen act that goes on behind scenes of a race.

              ISBN 9781617498848
              Available in PDF
              Software Read in Browser or Adobe Ebook Compatible Device
              Language en
              Released NZ 1 Sep 2012
              Publisher Independent Publishers Group
              Interest Age General Audience
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              Tales of Erets

              Tales of Erets (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By France, Brian

              • RRP: $45.50
              • $45.50
              • In Stock US

              Tales of Erets is a story about the change of a person's soul that comes from a difficult journey. When a person goes through adversity, that same person will grow and learn so that they will handle the next adversity better than before. This story of a man named Emuoy is one suc...h story. Emuoy is a hard working dirt farmer who has always had problems in his life. He is both cynical and pessimistic. In this story, Emuoy takes a journey to learn that life is not so bad. In fact, he finds out that life is actually pretty good. He has a friend Tafnam who is always happy and tries to let Emuoy know the joy of life. Emuoy isn't interested in anything that Tafnam has to say on the subject, at least not until the end, after Emuoy's journey. The story starts where Emuoy is about as far down as he can get, or so he thinks. He is about to lose everything. Through strange magic Emuoy gets sucked into a different world where he finds that he can have more troubles than he ever thought possible. First he finds dangerous plants in this new world which cause much pain. Next he encounters a people who have very treacherous and deceiving ways. He also learns not to do things that he knows are wrong because the consequences that result are far worse than the consequences of just simply doing the right thing. Emuoy gets into fights and almost gets killed several times in this new land. There is a magical beanbag that keeps Emuoy safe from all the new dangers of his journey. In places where you would think Emuoy would die, somehow he scrapes through. Emuoy meets all kinds of wild and fascinating characters on his journey. One is a crazy man that lives in the desert and eats bugs. Another is a brilliantteacher that teaches Emuoy things just when he needs to learn them. Then there are all the crooks and murderers that proliferate the magical land. The magic and the wonder of this story seem to scream out to be told. People that read this will be left with a sense of awe about th
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              ISBN 9781425928438
              Released NZ 14 Apr 2006
              Publisher AuthorHouse
              Interest Age General Audience
              Internationally sourced; ships 6-12 working days
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              Against the Gates of Hell

              Against the Gates of Hell (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By France, Brian

              • Imp. $45.50
              • $45.50
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              This book represents, from a most unusual perspective, the greatest story ever told. Although it is a work of fiction it vividly portrays the spiritual battle that confronts all of us. Throughout its fabric is woven the story of the redemption of mankind. The self-deception of Sa...tan and his minions is portrayed in a way that can only be described as brilliant in its conception. For a person such as myself who has been engaged for the past 36 years in the deliverance ministry, which involves the direct confrontation of demon power, the description of the spiritual battles can only be described as inspired. The book clearly outlines the work of redemption at the Cross of Jesus Christ and reaches its climax with the resurrection. It makes for fascinating reading. Bill Subritzky Evangelist. Dove Ministries.
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              ISBN 9781434313102
              Released NZ 2 Jul 2007
              Publisher AuthorHouse
              Interest Age General Audience
              Internationally sourced; usually ships 2-3 weeks
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