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            Silver (Paperback)

            By Hammer, Chris

            • RRP: $18.99
            • $14.24
            • Save $4.75
            • Pub Date
              1 Sep 20

            'Chris Hammer is a great writer - a leader in Australian noir.' - Michael Connelly For half a lifetime, journalist Martin Scarsden has run from his past. But now there is no escaping. He'd vowed never to return to his hometown, Port Silver, and its traumatic memories. But now his... new partner, Mandy Blonde, has inherited an old house in the seaside town and Martin knows their chance of a new life together won't come again. Martin arrives to find his best friend from school days has been brutally murdered, and Mandy is the chief suspect. With the police curiously reluctant to pursue other suspects, Martin goes searching for the killer. And finds the past waiting for him. He's making little progress when a terrible new crime starts to reveal the truth. The media descend on Port Silver, attracted by a story that has it all: sex, drugs, celebrity and religion. Once again, Martin finds himself in the front line of reporting. Yet the demands of deadlines and his desire to clear Mandy are not enough: the past is ever present. An enthralling and propulsive thriller from the acclaimed and bestselling author of Scrublands.
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            ISBN 9781760878658
            Published NZ 1 Sep 2020
            Publisher Allen & Unwin
            Interest Age General Audience
            Available for pre-order, ships once released
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            Bombarded: How to Fight Back Against the Online Assault on Democracy

            Bombarded: How to Fight Back Against the Online Assault on Democracy (Hardback)

            By Krohn, Cyrus; Farmer, Tom

            • RRP: $63.99
            • $63.99
            • Pub Date
              22 Oct 20

            Trying to shield yourself from disinformation and deep fakes? Cyrus Krohn offers a 'five-step program' to fight back. This book rings true. -Jill Dougherty, Former CNN Moscow Bureau ChiefImagine an imminent America where citizens are bombarded with personalized political messages... from every smart device - yet information is so suspect, nobody can tell what the truth is. It means oceans of disinformation engineered to sow false beliefs or simply disorient. The coronavirus pandemic provided a foretaste of an infuriating, dystopian future. From the start Americans fought over the most basic facts of the crisis, from death tolls to quack cures to the wisdom of stay-at-home orders. The splintered digital infosphere bred confusion and delusion, some of it fatal. Now think of our campaigns and elections. The digital information age means more than hyper-targeted, just-for-you messages from insurance companies and presidential candidates alike. Big Data is on the way to fueling information environments so fine-tuned, no two of us hold the same view of reality, and no two voters hear the same pitch. Already, citizens don't know who to trust or what to believe - about COVID-19 or anything else. If we ask nothing more of tech providers or digital citizens, the fog will continue to thicken. Irritation will merge into despair and then numbness... and democracy teeters. Digital pioneer Cyrus Krohn knows the territory, and in Bombarded: How to Fight Back Against the Online Assault on Democracy, Krohn locates the roots of our blooming political chaos in the earliest days of the World Wide Web. But he goes beyond recounting 25 years of destabilizing Internet shock waves and his own role in building digital culture. Krohn rolls out a provocative action plan for rescuing the American system of campaigns and elections while there is still time.
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            ISBN 9781641465328
            Released NZ 22 Oct 2020
            Publisher Made for Success
            Interest Age General Audience
            Available for pre-order, ships once internationally released 22 Oct 2020
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            Proximity: If the police always know where I am...how do I kill you?

            Proximity: If the police always know where I am...how do I kill you? (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

            By Tugwell, Jem

            • RRP: $55.99
            • $55.99
            • In Stock US

            PROXIMITY (iMe Series) - The People's Book Prize Finalist 2019-20 'A vision of the future that both chills and entertains.' Jake Kerridge (Sunday Express Magazine) You can't get away with anything. Least of all murder. DI Clive Lussac has forgotten how to do his job. Ten years of... embedded technology - 'iMe' - has led to complete control and the eradication of crime. Then the impossible happens. A body is found, and the killer is untraceable. With new partner Zoe Jordan, Clive must re-sharpen his detective skills and find the killer without technology, before time runs out for the next victim... The iMe series blends pacy thrillers with highly plausible science fiction. If you love the of pace of Lee Child and the vision of Orwell's 1984 or Black Mirror, this series is perfect for you. iMe Series: Book 1 - Proximity Book 2 - No Signal
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            ISBN 9781916022379
            Released NZ 6 Jun 2019
            Publisher Serpentine Books
            Interest Age General Audience
            Series iMe Series
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            The Field

            The Field (EPUB ebook)

            By Richardson, Tracy

            A high school soccer player embarks on a visionary journey of self-discovery in this young adult sci-fi fantasy novel. Varsity soccer player Eric Horton is an unbeatable goalkeeper, saving shot after shot with seemingly supernatural ability. But at night, Eric is plagued with nig...htmares of explosions and screams. As strange happenings start to unfold around him, he begins to wonder if what he's seeing isn't just a dream. When a new student, Renee, appears in his science class, he could swear he's known her forever. But that's impossible-right? Then he meets her father, who's been conducting experiments with "the Universal Energy Field" and "Collective Consciousness". Eric is intrigued by the groundbreaking ideas that we are all connected by the same energy and are all more powerful than we realize. But can any of it be real? As his relationship with Renee evolves and his knowledge of the Field increases, Eric will be tested beyond anything he's experienced before. He must decide whether he believes in that part of himself which ties him to the world around him, and he must access it-or lose everything he's been working to keep.
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            ISBN 9781612544472
            Available in EPUB
            Software Adobe Ebook Compatible Devices
            Language en
            Released NZ 21 May 2020
            Publisher Brown Books Publishing Group
            Interest Age 13+ years
            Series Catalysts
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            Professor Everywhere

            Professor Everywhere (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

            By Binge, Nicholas

            • RRP: $115.50
            • $115.50
            • Pre Release International

            A sci-fi mystery novel, combining the academic thrills of 'The Da Vinci Code' and the literary style of Ted Chiang's 'Story Of Your Life'. Nicholas Binge's novel is told by his fictional character, Chloe Chan. There is a second -- fictional -- title page which bears her name.

            ISBN 9789888491841
            Released NZ 30 May 2020
            Publisher Proverse Hong Kong
            Interest Age General Audience
            Series Proverse Prize Publications
            Available for pre-order, ships once internationally released 30 May 2020
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