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            Afghans, Barbecues and Chocolate Fish: The ABC of Kiwi Food

            Afghans, Barbecues and Chocolate Fish: The ABC of Kiwi Food (Paperback)

            By Hingston, Jane

            A lot can be told about a country from its cuisine, and New Zealand is no exception. From traditional Maori cuisine, to immigrant influences to modern Kiwi tucker, this small but chocka book gives you the A to Z on New Zealand food. It contains not only the food Kiwis love (or ha...ve loved in the past), but also recipes for some of our favourite dishes, introductions to some of our most famous food personalities, and shows the part food plays in our everyday customs and celebrations. This Kiwi culinary compendium will appeal to both New Zealanders and visitors to our shores. Topics covered include: the history of our well-known brands such as Vogel's, Marmite and Weet-bix, the tall tales that surround the origins of goodies like Lamingtons and Neenish Tarts, the low-down on Kiwi culinary traditions such as Christmas, birthday parties, Sunday roast and 'ladies a plate'; and a fun collection of 'did-you-know?' facts - New Zealanders eat 7 million servings of hot chips a week, crayfish can migrate hundreds of kilometres, hokey pokey is New Zealand's third most popular ice-cream, we eat nearly 2 million Jelly Tips a year.
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            ISBN 9781869711573
            Published NZ 1 Apr 2009
            Publisher Hachette
            Interest Age 14+ years
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