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            Blaze: Guardian of the Monarchs

            Blaze: Guardian of the Monarchs (Paperback)

            By Gaddes, Adele

            • RRP: $25.99
            • $25.99
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            Learn about the Monarch Butterfly life cycle and vulnerabilities by following three children's and new Superhero Blaze through this book. The book integrates photographs and illustrations with a fun rhyming text and is sustainably printed in New Zealand. This perfect bound pa...perback is perfect for children 2-9 years old, and parents and grandparents may even learn something too! A great resource for classrooms, parents, grandparents, nature enthusiasts and monarch butterfly lovers.
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            ISBN 9780473525606
            Published NZ 6 Jul 2020
            Publisher NZ / SP Author Self Published
            Interest Age 5-9 years
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            The Teachings of Denver C. Snuffer, Jr. Volume 4: 2017: Reader's Edition Hardback, 6 x 9 in.

            The Teachings of Denver C. Snuffer, Jr. Volume 4: 2017: Reader's Edition Hardback, 6 x 9 in. (Hardback)

            By Snuffer, Denver C, Jr; Edited by Archive, Restoration

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            This volume contains lectures and other important material including the Prayer for Covenant, and the Answer and Covenant that were received from the Lord and first offered to the Gentiles during 2017, which year marked not only the establishment of the Lord's Covenant again on t...he Earth, but also the initial completion of the project to recover, correct and canonize the Book of Mormon as Scripture. We face the same test as all others have ever faced from the days of Adam down to the present. The conflict is perpetual, and the same battle continues from age to age. Humility is absolutely required to progress. The more we think we understand, the less willing we are to receive more. Joseph Smith said, It is the constitutional disposition of mankind to set up stakes and bounds to the works and ways of the Almighty (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, p. 320). He also said, I never heard of a man being damned for believing too much but they are damned for unbelief (TPJS, p. 374). No matter how much you believe you know, humility allows you to learn more. We must voluntarily continue to progress; if we don't, we accept voluntary damnation. Joseph was a restorer. The moment Joseph and Hyrum were killed, the world began to lose light. The pace at which light is now being lost among the various Christian sects has accelerated. But a new restoration has begun, and a new dispensation of the gospel has opened. Whether the light now offered to us will achieve anything more than came in Joseph's time remains an unanswered question. The Lord cannot force us to receive Him; He can only offer. We must accept. The Book of Mormon gives a blueprint of the necessary steps for the Gentiles to take for them to become numbered with the remnant of the Lord's people and entitled to possess the promised land as their inheritance. The acceptance of the Book of Mormon as a Covenant and a standard by a small group of believers on September 2, 2017 and the first offering of the Lord's Covena
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            ISBN 9781951168483
            Released NZ 1 Oct 2020
            Publisher Restoration Archive
            Interest Age General Audience
            Internationally sourced; ships 6-14 working days
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