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            Queer Rebels: Rewriting Literary Traditions in Contemporary Spanish Novels

            Queer Rebels: Rewriting Literary Traditions in Contemporary Spanish Novels (Hardback)

            By Smuga, Lukasz

            • RRP: $306.00
            • $306.00
            • Pub Date
              31 Mar 22

            This is a study of gay narrative writings published in Spain at the turn of the twentieth century. The book scrutinises the ways in which the literary production of contemporary Spanish gay authors - Jose Luis de Juan, Luis G. Martin, Juan Gil-Albert, Juan Goytisolo, Eduardo Mend...icutti, Luis Antonio de Villena and Alvaro Pombo - engages with homophobic and homophile discourses, as well as with the vernacular and international literary legacy. The first part revolves around the metaphor of a rebellious scribe who queers literary tradition by clandestinely weaving changes into copies of the books he makes. This subversive writing act, named 'Mazuf's gesture' after the protagonist of Jose Luis de Juan's This Breathing World (1999), is examined in four highly intertextual works by other writers. The second part of the book explores Luis Antonio de Villena and Alvaro Pombo, who in their different ways seek to coin their own definitions of homosexual experience in opposition both to the homophobic discourses of the past and to the homonormative regimes of the commercialised and trivialised gay culture of today. In their novels, 'Mazuf's gesture' involves playing a sophisticated queer game with readers and their expectations. Providing new insights on Spanish gay-themed writing, this monograph will be of interest to scholars and students of Hispanic literatures, queer studies and gender studies. It will also appeal to all readers interested in cultural shifts in post-Franco Spain.
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            ISBN 9781032156453
            Released NZ 31 Mar 2022
            Publisher Taylor & Francis Ltd
            Interest Age 16+ years
            Series Routledge Studies in Latin American and Iberian Literature
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            Entwined Being: Twins in Literary, Digital and Visual Culture

            Entwined Being: Twins in Literary, Digital and Visual Culture (Hardback)

            By King, Dr Edward

            • RRP: $426.50
            • $257.85
            • Save $168.65
            • Pub Date
              2 Jun 22

            The tale of twins being reunited after a long separation is a trope that has been endlessly repeated and reworked across different cultures and throughout history, with each moment adapting the twin plot to address its current cultural tensions. In this study, Edward King demonst...rates how twins are a means of exploring the social implications of hyper-connectivity and the compromising relationship between humans and digital information, their environment and their genetics. As King demonstrates, twins tell us about the changing forms of connectivity and power in contemporary culture and what new conceptions of the human they present us with. Taking account of a broad range of literary, cultural and scientific practices, Entwined Being probes discussions surrounding twins such as: - The way in which they appear in behavioral genetics as a way of identifying inherited predispositions to social media - How their faces interrupt biometric interfaces such as facial recognition software and undermine advances in neo-liberal surveillance systems - How they represent the uncanny and the weird in the horror genre and how this questions ideologies of communications media and the connectivity it enables - Their association with telepathy and cybernetics in science fiction - Their construction as models for entangled being in ecological thought Drawing upon the literary and filmic works of Ken Follet, Edgar Allan Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, Bruce Chatwin, Shelley Jackson, Brian de Palma, Peter Greenway and David Cronenberg, as well as science fiction literature and the television series Orphan Black, King illuminates how twins are employed across a range of disciplines to envision a critical re-conception of the human in times of digital integration and ecological crisis.
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            ISBN 9781350169159
            Released NZ 2 Jun 2022
            Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
            Interest Age General Audience
            Series Explorations in Science and Literature
            Available for pre-order, ships once internationally released 2 Jun 2022
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