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            Feminist Judgments of Aotearoa New Zealand: Te Rino: A Two-Stranded Rope

            Feminist Judgments of Aotearoa New Zealand: Te Rino: A Two-Stranded Rope (Paperback)

            Edited by McDonald, Elisabeth; Powell, Rhonda; Stephens, Mamari; Hunter, Rosemary

            • RRP: $225.99
            • $180.79
            • Save $45.20
            • Pub Date
              19 Mar 20

            This edited collection asks how key New Zealand judgments might read if they were written by a feminist judge. Feminist judging is an emerging critical legal approach that works within the confines of common law legal method to challenge the myth of judicial neutrality and illust...rate how the personal experiences and perspectives of judges may influence the reasoning and outcome of their decisions. Uniquely, this book includes a set of cases employing an approach based on mana wahine, the use of Maori values that recognise the complex realities of Maori women's lives. Through these feminist and mana wahine judgments, it opens possibilities of more inclusive judicial decision making for the future. 'This project stops us in our tracks and asks us: how could things have been different? At key moments in our legal history, what difference would it have made if feminist judges had been at the tiller? By doing so, it raises a host of important questions. What does it take to be a feminist judge? Would we want our judges to be feminists and if so why? Is there a uniquely female perspective to judging?' Professor Claudia Geiringer, Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington 'With this book, some of our leading jurists expose the biases and power structures that underpin legal rules and the interpretation of them. Some also give voice to mana wahine perspectives on and about the law that have become invisible over time, perpetuating the impacts of colonialism and patriarchy combined on Maori women. I hope this book will be a catalyst for our nation to better understand and then seek to ameliorate these impacts.' Dr Claire Charters, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland 'The work is highly illuminating and is critical to the development of our legal system ... It is crucial, not only for legal education, so that students of the law open their minds to the different ways legal problems can be conceptualised and decided. It is also crucial if we are
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            ISBN 9781509936960
            Released NZ 19 Mar 2020
            Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
            Interest Age 19+ years
            Available for pre-order, ships once internationally released 19 Mar 2020
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            Family Violence Act and Analysis

            Family Violence Act and Analysis (Paperback)

            By Riddell, Rosemary

            • RRP: $110.50
            • $110.50
            • Available At Publisher

            Family Violence Act and Analysis is a practical, user friendly text containing key family violence legislation, commentary and guidance. It has been developed to meet the needs of busy practitioners, members of the judiciary, government agencies and other parties navigating the F...amily Violence Act 2018 as a one stop research and practice tool. Family Violence Act and Analysis begins with a practical introduction to family violence law, with an introduction to the context of family violence in New Zealand and an overview of key changes made by the new Act, practice and procedure, and a second section of the introduction on protecting children from violence. The book contains the Family Violence Act 2018 in full text with section based analysis, comparative tables between the old and new legislation, checklists and the Family Court Practice Note pertaining to Domestic Violence as additional resources. The section-based commentary is derived from Brookers Family Law (online loose-leaf service).
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            ISBN 9781988591155
            Published NZ 31 Oct 2019
            Publisher Thomson Reuters
            Interest Age General Audience
            Showing available at publisher; usually ships 7-14 working days
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            Eggshell Skull

            Eggshell Skull (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

            By Lee, Bri

            • RRP: $32.99
            • $24.74
            • Save $8.25
            • In Stock At Publisher

            'Brutal, brave and utterly compelling, Bri Lee's extraordinary memoir shines a light on the humanity and complexity of our justice system and the limitless courage victims of crime must summon in a legal process stacked against them at every turn. In the age of #MeToo, Eggshell S...kull is a prescient personal account of a young woman's fierce and unflinching battle against her abuser. I can't remember a book I devoured with such intensity, nor one that moved me so profoundly.' Rebecca Starford, author of Bad Behaviour and co-founder of Kill Your Darlings 'An illuminating meditation on society's complicity in sexual assault, told through one woman's pursuit of justice in a system that has failed women and survivors for too long. Powerful as it is timely, Eggshell Skull is a courageous, heartbreaking and ultimately hopeful memoir from one of Australia's sharpest young writers.' Liam Pieper, author of The ToymakerEggshell Skull: A well-established legal doctrine that a defendant must accept 'take their victim as they come': If a thin skull caused the death of someone after a punch, that victim's weakness cannot mitigate the seriousness of the crime, nor the punishment. But what if it also works the other way? What if a defendant on trial for sexual crimes has to accept his 'victim' as she comes: a strong, determined accuser who knows the legal system, who will not back down until justice is done?Bri Lee began her first day of work at the Brisbane Magistrates Court as a bright-eyed judge's associate. Eighteen months later she was back as the complainant in her own case. This is the story of Bri's journey through the Australian legal system; first as the daughter of a policeman, then as a law student, and finally as a judge's associate in both metropolitan and regional Queensland--where justice can look very different, especially for women. Confronted by horrific criminal behaviour every day in court, Bri's eyes were opened to the inequity of the legal system and how compl
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            ISBN 9781760295776
            Published NZ 23 May 2018
            Publisher Allen & Unwin
            Interest Age General Audience
            In stock at publisher; ships 6-12 working days
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            Shirley Smith: An Examined Life

            Shirley Smith: An Examined Life (Paperback)

            By Gaitanos, Sarah

            • Imp. $80.99
            • $72.89
            • Save $8.10
            • Not Available Locally

            Shirley Smith was one of the most remarkable New Zealanders of the 20th century, a woman whose lifelong commitment to social justice, legal reform, gender equality and community service left a profound legacy.

            ISBN 9781776562176
            Published NZ 9 May 2019
            Publisher Victoria University Press
            Interest Age General Audience
            Internationally sourced on backorder; allow 4-8 weeks
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            Exposure (EPUB ebook)

            By Bilott, Robert

            • RRP: $66.99
            • $66.99
            • In Stock At Publisher

            The remarkable David-against-Goliath story of the lawyer who took on industrial conglomerate DuPont in a huge class action - and won. Soon to be a major motion picture.

            ISBN 9781471189630
            Available in EPUB
            Software Read in Browser or Adobe Ebook Compatible Device
            Language en
            Released NZ 8 Oct 2019
            Publisher Simon & Schuster Ltd
            Interest Age General Audience
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            Drug Law Reform Debate

            Drug Law Reform Debate (PDF ebook)

            Edited by Healey, Justin

            Illicit drug use in Australia is a significant justice, health, economic and social welfare issue. Relaxation of drug laws has been proposed by a number of reform groups, criminologists and commentators in response to concerns that existing government policies and criminal sancti...ons have been a failure. Opponents claim that such a relaxation of laws, including decriminalisation and legalisation, will remove the deterrent effect and increase drug use and unleash even greater drug-related problems into the community. This book examines the prevalence of illicit drug use, and presents a range of arguments in the drug policy reform debate. Should the law remain tough on drugs, or go softer on hard drugs? Also includes: worksheets and activities, fast facts, glossary, web links, index. Titles in the Issues in Society series are individual resource books which provide an overview on a specific subject comprised of facts and opinions. The information in this resource book is not from any single author, publication or organisation. The unique value of the Issues in Society series lies in its diversity of content and perspectives. The content comes from a wide variety of sources and includes: newspaper reports and opinion pieces, website fact sheets, magazine and journal articles, statistics and surveys, government reports, and literature from special interest groups.
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            ISBN 9781922084590
            Available in PDF
            Software Read in Browser or Adobe Ebook Compatible Device
            Language en
            Published NZ 28 Jul 2014
            Publisher THE SPINNEY PRESS
            Interest Age General Audience
            Series Issues in Society
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            In Bitter Chill

            In Bitter Chill (Paperback, Main)

            By Ward, Sarah

            • Imp. $25.99
            • $20.79
            • Save $5.20
            • No availability locally

            Bampton, Derbyshire, January 1978. Two girls go missing: Rachel Jones returns, Sophie Jenkins is never found. Thirty years later: Sophie Jenkins' mother commits suicide. Rachel Jones has tried to put the past behind her and move on with her life.

            ISBN 9780571321001
            Released NZ 27 Apr 2016
            Publisher Faber and Faber
            Interest Age 16+ years
            Series DC Childs Mystery
            Internationally sourced; usually ships 2-3 weeks
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            The Innocent Man

            The Innocent Man (EPUB ebook)

            By Grisham, John

            When Ron Williamson left to pursue his dreams he seemed destined for glory. But years of injury, drinking, drugs and women took their toll, and he returned to Ada a lonely drifter. Soon after his homecoming, a local cocktail waitress was raped and murdered. With no immediate lead...s, the police worked the case for five years and arrested Ron.
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            ISBN 9781407059099
            Available in EPUB
            Software Read in Browser or Adobe Ebook Compatible Device
            Language en
            Released NZ 21 Apr 2010
            Publisher Random House
            Interest Age 16+ years
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            Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny

            Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny (Paperback)

            By Manne, Kate

            • RRP: $28.00
            • $21.00
            • Save $7.00
            • In Stock At Publisher

            Misogyny is a hot topic, yet it's often misunderstood. What is misogyny, exactly? Who deserves to be called a misogynist? How does misogyny contrast with sexism, and why is it prone to persist - or increase - even when sexist gender roles are waning? In Down Girl moral philosophe...r Kate Manne argues that misogyny should not be understood primarily in terms of the hatred or hostility some men feel toward all or most women. Rather, it is primarily about controlling, policing, punishing and exiling the bad women who challenge male dominance. And it is compatible with rewarding the good ones and singling out other women to serve as warnings to those who are out of order. A powerful, lucid analysis of the logic of misogyny from a remarkable feminist thinker, Down Girl is essential reading for the #MeToo era.
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            ISBN 9780141990729
            Released NZ 5 Mar 2019
            Publisher Penguin
            Interest Age 16+ years
            In stock at publisher; ships 6-12 working days
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            Misjustice: How British Law is Failing Women

            Misjustice: How British Law is Failing Women (Paperback)

            By Kennedy, Helena

            • RRP: $30.00
            • $23.40
            • Save $6.60
            • To Order

            `Fascinating and chilling' Caroline Criado-Perez, author of Invisible WomenTwo women a week are killed by a spouse or partner.

            ISBN 9781784707682
            Released NZ 5 Sep 2019
            Publisher Vintage
            Interest Age 19+ years
            Indent title (internationally sourced), usually ships 4-6 weeks
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