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              The Trisix Colony

              The Trisix Colony (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Rivers, Wade

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              In his second book Rivers treats us to three very different types of thrillers, reminiscent in style to the spellbinding Saturday afternoon matinees and late night horror shows we have watched peeping from the covers of our bed. First, in Rivers startling feature novel, he takes ...us into the not too distant world where privacy and freedoms are abolished. This thought provoking vision of government surveillance and intrusion will keep you riveted in suspense from beginning to end. Based on years of research, this faction novel will terrify you long after you have put it down because it is the world we are destined for. It is our future, and unless we change the course of events now, no one will escape The Trisix Colony. But that is not all. Next, we are given a gripping little shocker. Like the short Hitchcock classics, Polar dangles the prospects of terror before our eyes. What happens when a young man goes hunting for the weekend and leaves his fiance alone? You quickly discover what awaits him when sweet Debra Ann stops taking her meds. The person he left and the person he returned to are not the same. They are polar opposites as you the reader will see. Finally, we are taken back in time, to The Factory. Young Johann is struggling to keep his family warm and fed. The new economy is providing jobs but what else? In this haunting tale, Johann must discover for himself what price society will pay to rise from the clutches of Depression, and what the price he will pay to expose it. Is the Holocaust over, or is it just beginning? You may not want to find out. Last but not least, Rivers gives us a rare treat, cutting edge mind tinglers in between the stories. Short and provocative, but no less powerful, Rivers assures the reader that every page is gripping. Now go get your popcorn and enjoy. The show is starting. Afterwards, do not forget to check out Y City and Thrillervision. www.waderivers.com
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              ISBN 9780615728667
              Released NZ 29 Nov 2012
              Publisher Wade Rivers
              Interest Age General Audience
              Internationally sourced; ships 6-12 working days
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