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              The Six Million Dollar Man - The Complete Series

              The Six Million Dollar Man - The Complete Series (DVD, PG)

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              We can rebuild him, we have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger, faster. "The Six Million Dollar Man" was based on the book by Martin Caidin, and with but a few minor changes was first broadcast as a made-for-TV movie in the mid 70's. Steve Austin... an astronaut who crashed during an experimental aircraft test is a man barely alive and clinging to life. At that point the government decided to use secret funding for a secret bionics project to create the next generation of covert operative--an agent with bionic limbs that give him superhuman strength and enable him to run speeds beyond 60 miles per hour, along with a bionic eye that allows him to see details over a mile away. Col Austin awakens after this almost fatal crash to find that he now processes integrated bionic technology. For his second chance at life he is coerced into taking on specialized missions for the OSO (Office of Strategic Operations). Contains - 17 hours of bonus features, including: - Exclusive new interviews with Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner - All three pilot movies of The Six Million Dollar Man
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              DVD Code FHED2883
              Barcode 5030697020284
              Released NZ 20 Jul 2012
              Publisher Shock
              Series The Six Million Dollar Man
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