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            James May's Man Lab - Season 2

            James May's Man Lab - Season 2 (DVD, PG)

            James May is back with James May's Man Lab - a further exploration of manly things that men should be doing - and aren't. Things like... map reading if you're ever on the run from Dartmoor Prison; how to remember the names of everyone you meet at a party; how to make your own ...toilet paper; how not to be scared of ghosts; a method for blasting your pet's ashes into space; creating a Swiss Army Bicycle; how to take - or not to take - a penalty kick that could make or break history; and so much more. And not forgetting The Man Lab Christmas Special! Cutting your Christmas Tree with explosives; making the perfect Man Lab Christmas Lunch with Man Lab Christmas Crackers, real snow and more surprises for your guests.
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            DVD Code R-112831-9
            Barcode 9398711283197
            Released NZ 15 Aug 2012
            Publisher ABC (Roadshow)
            Series James May's Man Lab
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