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            Jennifer Saunders: Back In The Saddle

            Jennifer Saunders: Back In The Saddle (DVD, PG)

            Jennifer Saunders (ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS) indulges her obsession with horses and her childhood passion for riding, to face her fears and get back in the saddle after a 40 year break from the fearsome world of competitive showjumping. Jennifer competed herself until the age of 12... at Pony Club gymkhanas throughout Cheshire but the pressure of competing became too much. Now we follow her attempts to pick up the reins where she left off, reliving the good and bad times and pushing herself further and further whilst giving a unique view of the worlds of showjumping and eventing. Jennifer of course knows how inherently funny this world is, she built whole characters around it. However, she's also part of that world, and is embarrassed by how desperate she is to meet the big players in it. The thought of talking to 'Piggy' French about jumping is for her, the equivalent to a teenager meeting Justin Bieber. Taken over by enthusiasm, she commits to getting back in the saddle to jump fences on the biggest stage of them all, at Badminton. During her preparations, she is trained by the great and good of British eventing and showjumping, with Olympic hopefuls 'Piggy' French, Tim Stockdale and Lauren Shannon all on hand-holding duty to give Jennifer the confidence and reassurance she needs to face the tannoy, the judges and the crowds. She even has the opportunity to compare notes with ex-Olympian Princess Anne at Gatcombe, as she watches daughter Zara Phillips battle for a place in the British Olympic team. But it's not all wide-eyed wonderment for Jennifer. As her jumping destiny approaches, can she overcome her fears and jump 20 fences in front of a huge crowd to top her incredible journey. She may need to be dragged to her saddle kicking and screaming, but does she have what it takes to join the riding elite? This series encompasses class, comedy and a compelling insight into the real Jennifer Saunders.
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            DVD Code MMA5540
            Barcode 9322225193499
            Released NZ 10 Oct 2013
            Publisher Madman Films
            Series Jennifer Saunders
            Out of print
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