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            Man Finds Food: Season 1

            Man Finds Food: Season 1 (DVD, PG)

            Adam is on the ultimate hunt to uncover the most unique, surprising, and delicious hidden food treasures in towns across America, the dishes you would never find anywhere else on the planet, at the places you would never expect. These are the delicious, unique meals that you have... to dig to find, but are oh-so-worth-it. Sometimes they are the truly surprising meals in towns not known for the specialty, like a massive cheese-steak in Seattle. Sometimes these edible holy grails are found in the most random of locations, like a bowling alley, home to Adam's favourite full broiled chicken. And sometimes they are in locations that are nearly impossible to find, such as a speak easy dive that only the most in-the-know local can find. More often than not, these are the off-the-menu, secret chow down masterpieces that you have got to be in the know to, well, know.
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            DVD Code KAL3742
            Barcode 5021456206582
            Released NZ 10 Sep 2015
            Publisher GDE DISTRIBUTION
            Series Man Finds Food
            Out of print
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