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              Yale Library Series (1)Yale linguistic series (3)Yale Linguistics Series (1)Yale mathematical monographs (2)Yale Modern Yiddish Library (3)Yale Music Masterworks (4)Yale Music Theory Translation Series (7)Yale Musical Instrument (Hardcover) (4)Yale Musical Instrument Series (12)Yale Near Eastern Researches (7)Yale New Classics (0)Yale Nota Bene (114)Yale Oriental Series, Babylonian Texts (8)Yale Oriental Series: Babylonian Texts (2)Yale Paperbound (2)Yale Paperbound, Y-183--Y-186 (1)Yale Paperbound, Y-99 (1)Yale Peabody Museum Series (3)Yale planetary exploration series (2)Yale Proceedings in Parliament (14)Yale publications in American studies (5)Yale publications in religion (2)Yale Publications in the History of Art (35)Yale publications on architecture (1)Yale Romanic Studies. Second (1)Yale Romanic Study (2)Yale Russian & East European studies (1)Yale scene (2)Yale School of Architecture (7)Yale Series in Economic and Financial History (16)Yale Series in the Philosophy & Theory of Art (3)Yale Series of Younger Poets (91)Yale Shakespeare (27)Yale Southeast Asia Studies (1)Yale Southeast Asia Studies Monograph (2)Yale Studies in Attitude and Communication (1)Yale Studies in Attitude and Communication, Volume 2 (1)Yale Studies in English (12)Yale Studies in Hermeneutics (21)Yale Studies in Political Science (7)Yale Studies in Religious Education (1)Yale Studies in the History of Music (1)Yale studies on non-profit organizations (6)Yale Studies on Nonprofit Organizations (0)Yale Studies on White-Collar Crime Series (7)Yale Tell Leilan Research (1)Yale Tercentennial Book (1)Yale University Art Gallery (37)Yale University Department of the History of Medicine Monogr (1)Yale University Library gazette (3)Yale University Mrs. Hepsa Ely Silliman Memorial Lectures (1)Yale University Press Health & Wellness (30)Yale University Press Health & Wellness (Hardcover) (2)Yale University Press Health & Wellness (Paperback) (1)Yale University Press Pelican History (1)Yale University Press Pelican History of Art (1)Yale University Publications in Anthropology (1)Yale University Publications in Anthropology, Yale Peabody Museum (26)Yale University School of Architecture (1)Yale University School of Medical Surgery Education Series (6)
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