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              10 Plucky Penguins

              10 Plucky Penguins (Mixed media product / Mixed Media, Contains 1 Paperback / softback and 1 CD-Audio)

              Illustrated by Hinde, Deborah; Performed by (orchestra, band, ensemble) Terei, Pio

              "Illlustrated children's book set to the tune of Ten Green Bottles but with a kiwiana twist. Features CD recording of song. A follow up to 10 goofy geckos and 10 kooky kiwi."--Publisher information.

              ISBN 9781775433248
              Published NZ 31 Jan 2016
              Publisher Scholastic New Zealand Limited
              Interest Age 0-5 years
              Series 10 Series
              Availability and pricing is uncertain (no recent updates from publisher)
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