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              Yaf062000 (2)Yagyu Ninja Scrolls (7)YAH (1)Yahloni (1)Yahooty Who? (1)Yahtzee Dice Game (1)Yahtzee Score Cards Game (2)Yahweh (1)Yahyah and Friends (1)Yajilin (1)Yak Pack: Comics & Phonics (3)Yak Pack: Sight Word Comics (2)Yakari (17)Yakima Henry Novel (3)Yakima Henry Western (1)Yakitate!! Japan (25)Yako the Monkey (3)Yakuza in Love (2)Yakuza Path (3)Yale Agrarian Studies (0)Yale Agrarian Studies Series (68)Yale Annotated Shakepeare (1)Yale Babylonian Collection Occasional Papers (1)Yale Bicentennial Publications (1)Yale Broadway Masters (6)Yale Broadway Masters Series (10)Yale Center for British Art (36)Yale Center for British Art -Studies in British Art (11)Yale classical monographs (3)Yale Classical Studies (37)Yale College (1)Yale Contemporary Law (0)Yale Contemporary Law Series (11)Yale Cultural Sociology (1)Yale Drama (1)Yale Drama Series (15)Yale Edition of the Works of Samuel Johnson (1)Yale Editions of the Private Papers of J. Boswell (1)Yale Editions of the Private Papers of James Boswell (6)Yale Editions of the Private Papers of James Boswell. Research Edition: Correspondence (1)Yale Egyptological Publications (3)Yale Egyptological Studies (26)Yale English Monarchs (1)Yale English Poets Series: No. 16 (1)Yale FastBack (1)Yale Fastback Series (45)Yale French Studies (58)Yale Glee Club Series (1)Yale Guides to English Literature (1)Yale Historical Publications (2)Yale Historical Publications , Miscellany (10)Yale Historical Publications Series (34)Yale Historical Publications. Miscellany (1)Yale Institute for Social & Policy Studies (4)Yale Intellectual History of the West (3)Yale Intellectual History of the West Series (3)Yale ISPs Series (3)Yale Johnson (1)Yale Judaica (10)Yale Judaica Series (29)
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